Joining MaC

Joining Museums and Collections (MaC)

Incorporated historical societies, community museums and community archives can request to join MaC by sending a signed statement of intent to do so, submitting an organisation summary and then completing a self-review process.  Joining MaC provides access to the program for three years, after which time groups can repeat the process.  Museums can also progress to museum accreditation.

MaC uses the National Standards for Australian Museums and Galleries (NSAMG) as its foundation.  The NSAMG are benchmarks relevant to all sorts of museums and collecting organisations.

In joining Museums and Collections, organisations undertake to:

  • Care for collections they manage and share collections and history with their communities
  • Operate with reference to the NSAMG
  • Engage in SA History Network projects and programs
  • Maintain a profile on the History Trust’s Explore History website
  • Utilise the grant fund associated with MaC
  • Encourage workers/volunteers to develop and maintain history and collections skills
  • Revisit the self-review on a three-yearly basis
  • Keep the History Trust informed of change of contact details and projects and events in which they are involved

And the History Trust undertakes to:

  • Provide information and resources regarding collections, museums and doing history in the community through the History Trust’s website
  • Provide constructive feedback about your organisation’s self-review
  • Be an advocate for the work that your organisation does and the contributions that your organisation and collections make to the SA History Network
  • Notify you about skills development opportunities and SA History Network events and projects that you can become involved in
  • Assist you to apply for funding from the History Trust and other sources
  • Assist you to make contacts and access resources through the SA History Network
  • Keep in touch with your organisation through regular communications
  • Maintain a profile for your organisation on the History Trust’s Explore History website
  • Assist you directly with projects you’re undertaking, or direct you to other appropriate resources.

Contact us to find out more about undertaking the Self Review.

You can find the self-review here.